söndag 9 juni 2013

Sjösatt: Launched

I år sjösatte jag båten 3 dagar tidigare än förra året. Här ligger hon nu med nya fönster och med nya segel. Förseglet är monterat med på en rulle, nytt för i år. Rullen var jätte enkel att montera, tog mig ca 20 minuter totalt. En första provtur hann jag med också, dagen efter sjösättningen. Blåste ganska mycket men båten pinnande på ganska bra. Jag har en ny knopmätare och kompass som går på GPS, som bäst seglade jag ca 5 knop vilket var förvånandsvärt fort. Nu ska jag montera autiopilot och byta ut motorn till en ny 4-taktare.

This year, I launched the boat three days earlier than last year. Here she is now with new windows and new sails. The headsail is fitted with a roll, new this year. The roll was really easy to install, took me about 20 minutes total. I sailed the day after launching. Windy but the boat sailed on quite well. I have a new speedometer and compass that goes on GPS, as best I sailed about 5 knots, which was surprisingly fast. Now I will mount autopilot and replace engine with a new 4-strokes.

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  1. Hi Thomas,

    I would like to know how well the foresail works when it has some rolls on or is the roller just for furling rather than reefing. I watched the videos on U-tube and it looks good.

  2. hi ! jai aussi un derouleur et japprecie beaucoup sa facilité de manoeuvre du copkpit .

  3. By the way the videos I meant were the ones for Smartroller.

  4. Hi David!

    According to the seller of smartroller it should be able to sail with a reefed forsail. I have not tested much yet but I have reefed foresail, and it seems to work but my concern is that the sail is worn when strong winds are charged to sail. But it is really easy to sail yourself when you can just roll in the forsail. I promise to return with more information on how the smartroller and this concept works.

    Regards Thomas

  5. Thanks Thomas, I look forward to hearing what you find. I have always intended to keep to the set of hanked on sails (genoa, 1, 2 + storm) I have but I will review the situation now that we have a little boy 9(8m) to sail with. However, if I changed to roller reefing I would really need a sail that is cut for it and change to a foil, hence this setup is interesting. For now I will continue use the downhaul (from the cockpit). The fact that it only cost a 4mm line and a cleat is a convincing argument for not changing anything. So far the space required for the sails and the addition of our son's things has not been an issue. Then again, we have been leaving the the dogs with someone so we have gained some space anyway. David

  6. Don't know how that 9 got in my last