torsdag 26 maj 2011

Almost ready for the see.

One of the keel have same small and queer damages. I don't know from what or when they occured. I Didn't notices them when I left the boat for winter. Now I try too fix them with fiberglass filler and then I hope the underwater paint will cover them.


A new rubrail list in the stern. I used may original rubrail from the stern to repair the rubrail list on the other sides of the boat. I replaced the original rubrail with two teak lists, one over the another. I found the result very pleasant.

A close up photo of a repaired pice of the rubrail. Not perfect but good enough for me.

Rudder attachment

I have filled the worn out rudder attacment with plastic padding metallic. Seems to work out fine but I have to test it under real sailing and stress before I can confirm that it's working allright.