onsdag 26 juni 2013

Båtbilder: Boat pictures


The Stove

Bord, VHF radio, Brandsläckare mm
Table, VHF radio, fire extinguishers etc.

Laddningsregulator, Termometer, klocka, kylväska, VHF, brandsläckare mm
Batteriet bakom kylväskan
Stickkojerna används som förvaringsutrymme

Charging controller, thermometer, clock, coolerbag, VHF, fire extinguisher etc.
The battery behind coolerbag
Aft berths for storage

Nya rodret
The new rudder

Fäste för autopiloten
Attachment for the autopilot

Solcellen på 35 Watt
The solar cell 35 Watt

5 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Thomas,what make of battery charging controller do you have? Also I have to get a new battery too, what type do you have?

  2. I'm going to steal some of those idea's for "Sparrow"! :o))

  3. Hi David!

    I bought solarpanel and charging controller from: http://teknikhamstern.se/index.php/solpaneler/stdsolpanel.html
    Battery is a cheap standard battery bought from a low price store in Sweden 'Jula' which perhaps have stores in Finland too. I'm not out sailing so long so my battery has no problem to be charged between sailing times.

    Regards Thomas S

  4. Hi Steve!

    I am pleased that you are inspired by my pictures. I am myself very inspired by seeing how others have fixed their boats.

    Good luck with your Sparrow

    Regards Thomas S

  5. Thanks Thomas. When I brought my Spectra 5W Solar Panel I contacted the makers and they advised me that I don't need a regulator because the trickle charge is so low. In fact the person I spoke to doubted it would properly charge the battery until he thought about the hours of sunlight we get in Finland. Now my old battery seems to hold the charge for so little time I would like to check I have been properly advised, in case I damage the replacement.