måndag 13 augusti 2012

Segeltravare: sail slides

Så här satte jag fast segeltravarna i mitt segel. Det är nödvändigt att använda segeltravare om man ska kunna hissa och hala seglet från sittbrunnen. Jag var lite tveksam till hur det skulle hålla men nu vet jag att det håller bra. Jag har seglat ganska mycket och i delvis hårda vindar och det verkar fungera fint.

This is how I set the sail slides of my sails. It is necessary to use the sail slides when you should hoist and haul the sail from the cockpit. I was a little worried how it should work, but now I know it workes all right. I have sailed a lot and in quite strong winds and it seems to work out fine.

3 kommentarer:

  1. I have used sewn on slides with no problems. Spray on furniture polish is a useful lubricant to help the slides run up the mast track

  2. Hi. nice job with your boat n thnx 4 sharing your stories n pics..im also thinking about getting an alacrity.. I hv many questions bt i will wth a few, hope thts ok :)

    Is it very difficult taking d boat back up on d trailer? Hw many helpers do u need?

    And d mast, up n dwn.. Helpers needed?

    Other advices?

    Cheers / anders

  3. Hi Andy H (or Anders)
    If you are Swedish, please let me know, It's much easier to communicate in the language you are born into.
    Please do not hesitate to ask me questions. You can use my mailadress: thomas.svard@gmail.com.
    About taking the boat on and off the trailer. It isn't so difficult but my guess is that you need to bee at least 2 persons. But the difficult depends of the trailer. I think that this year I will not have any problem to get the boat up with only one helpers. The reason is that I now have more experience and will fix the trailer in a suitable way. We have been two persons when I have raised and lowerd the mast, but this is similar to the trailer answer. Now I'm quite sure that I alone is capable of lower and raising the mast.

    regards Thomas S