fredag 4 februari 2011

I'm so happy...

..because I've got a place for my boat. It's hard to find a place, a summer place, a place in the water, a bridgeplace ( I don't know the rigth word for this) for your boat in the Stockholms region in Sweden. Normally you must wait at least a couple of years. But thank's to my little boat size and deep-going I was lucky too get a place for the season 2011. This means for me that my sailing this year will be much easier than if I was forced to trail the boat the whole season. Now I
will be able to sail away very easy, even alone without help from anybody. I'm so happy and I'm feeling very lucky. Keep on sailing! :-)

5 kommentarer:

  1. Congratulations!! Nice to start thinking about summer boating, eh?

    -- Bass (in still very cold Idaho, USA)

  2. good for you ! i am just beginning to work on my alacrity ....

  3. a good idea on a Vivacity 20 ...
    i'veadd on my inks page on my blog here:

  4. Thank you! My boat is still on land, 12 july, but today I have paint the bottom and perhaps I get the little boat in water during the weekend.

  5. We would call your "bridgeplace" a slip. Otherwise, it would be a mooring if out at a permanent anchor.

    Thanks for sharing!