torsdag 21 oktober 2010

The rudder attachment

Sweden, Åkersberga, 2010-10-16
A close up photo of the rudder attachment, or what the english spoken people call it, showing that it is worn. Does somebody have an idea how to fix it? The worn is not a big problem I guess but the rudder feels a bit loose when sailing.

I was lucky to get the engine off the boat and stored inside just in time before the first cold. The nigth after it was realy cold and the water in the buckets outside was frosen and the temperature was down below zero degrees celsius for a long period.
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  1. Kul att se en till Alacrity i Sverige, vart har din båt legat tidigare?
    Har själv en liknande blogg men inte på engelska, dock följer jag också forumet på yahoo och Jens blogg.


  2. Hi Thomas, Love the blob so that is three now currently being updated so I am sure we can exchange ideas. Your rudder fixing looks very similar to mine but perhaps a little worn. I think you have to accept a little bit of play in the fittings but you may be able to get someone to make up a new pintle in stainless steel. Same colour hull as mine but i am having to paint the hull as it was not in good condition.

  3. hello ! i 've the same problem but i have a solution to repair it so come often on my blog , i will post pictures as soon as possible. here inFrance is the winter so my work is not rapido (and my english not as well as you hope !!!)

  4. Is it possible to see a photo of your saffron? I had to redo mine now and I've seen a lot of model for this type of boat, I wonder what form was the original ...
    best regards

  5. Hej Johan! Jag följer din blogg. Ledsen att detta svar dröjt men jag upptäckte kommentarerna alldeles nyligen. Min båt har legat i Täby, näsbyvikens båtplats.
    mvh Thomas S

  6. Hello Jacques!
    Thanks for your comments. I'm sorry for this very late answer. I'm also sorry because I don't know what saffron is and my translator function dosn't seems to know either.
    Best regards Thomas S