lördag 23 oktober 2010

The first snow

Sweden, Åkersberga. 2010-10-22
The first snow this season. Now it's time to cover the sailboat with a warm and nice press that keeps the snow away from the little boat.
Now is the sailing season finally over in the Stockholm area. Time for rest and time for other interest hobbies, Beer drinking for example and some restoration at home.

torsdag 21 oktober 2010

The rudder attachment

Sweden, Åkersberga, 2010-10-16
A close up photo of the rudder attachment, or what the english spoken people call it, showing that it is worn. Does somebody have an idea how to fix it? The worn is not a big problem I guess but the rudder feels a bit loose when sailing.

I was lucky to get the engine off the boat and stored inside just in time before the first cold. The nigth after it was realy cold and the water in the buckets outside was frosen and the temperature was down below zero degrees celsius for a long period.
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Home at last

Sweden, Åkersberga, 2010-10-09
After a hard days work the Alacrity finally is home for the winter rest. It wasn't easy to get her up on the trailer. It was the first time and the trailer wasn't fully designed for the Alacrity. Next time I will take her up it's going to be much easier. Now I know exactly the exact measures and the trailer will be very precised trimmed.

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Me and my father

Sweden, Stockholm, 2010-10-02

My father and I was sailing in light to moderate winds. A nice day and everything worked out well.
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Oktober bier festival

Germany, Munich 2010-09-24
No sailing this weekend. I spent a couple of days in germany drinking beer which ís another nice hobby.
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Sailing with my brother

Sweden, Stockholm 2010-09-18
It was practicle total calm. No wind at all but I practised sailing anyway. It's a lot to learn even if there is no wind.
Coffe and sandwishes tastes better in a boat than in a kitchen.
After a short rainshower there suddenly became a light wind that was enough for the boat to move forward. Approximatly 1 knot I guess.
However, It was a wonderful day and I still like sailing even without any wind.
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onsdag 20 oktober 2010

My first trip

Sailing for the very first time. I was very nervous I have to admit. But every thing went out well. I even succeded to hoist and haul the sails all by himself without trouble. This time I only tried the mainsail.
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Pads/pillows increases the comfort

With the pads onboard the cabin looks much nicier.
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Need some refreshing. I Will spend several hours in springtime working with my new boat. The cabin will get new painting and some improvements.
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My new boat an Alacrity 19

I found my boat, an alacrity 19. A perfect boat for me. Not to big. It's possible to sail and handle the boat for a single sailor. The boat has two keels witch makes it much easier to put it on a trailer. The seller who was a very nice and helpful man sold it to me for 8.000 sek which are approximatly 800 Euro. I found that to bee a very nice price. The boat is complete with all stuff you need for just sailing away. The only thing I needed for the winter season was a trailer.
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Sailing is my new hobby

After a wonderful weekend in the Stockholm archipelago with very good friends I was ready to be a sailor myself. After this wonderful trip to the outer islands in the archipelago with good winds and a wonderful wheater I was ready to begin searching after a sailboat for beginners. My requirements was: Not to big. The boat must be trailerble because it's not possible to get a place for the boat immediatly ( It takes at least 1 year if you are lucky). It must be possible to single sail the boat (for the moment it's just me in the family who have the interest of sailing). I Spent a lot of time reading advertisments and learning facts about differents boats. I had a couple of candidates. For example: Hurley 18 (twin keels), Stortriss, Seacat among others.
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