lördag 26 november 2011

måndag 21 november 2011

The mast before front shrouds

Så här såg min mast ut innan jag monterade främre undervant som kunde spänna fram masten till en mer korrekt form. Fören är till höger på bilden.

This was the form of the mast before I mounted the front lower shroud that could tighten up the mast to a more correct form. The fore is to the rigth of the picture.
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tisdag 8 november 2011

Upptagen: The boat is on land

Nu ligger hon uppe på torra land. Det gick ganska bra att få upp henne, men att ta upp en segelbåt på trailer är inte jätte enkelt. Det var tur att jag köpt vadarbyxor annars hade jag blivit ordentligt blöt. Nu ska hon täckas med press och sedan får hon vila till våren är här.

Now she's up on dry land. It went pretty well to get her up, but to take up a sailboat on a trailer is not so easy. I was happy to have bought a pair of waders otherwise I would have been thoroughly wet. Now, I will cover her with the a press and then she will rest until spring is here.

söndag 23 oktober 2011

Senhöst på Trälhavet: Late autumn at Trälhavet

En härlig solig höstdag på Trälhavet. Idag var jag nästan ensam ute på sjön. Träffade dock på en Stortriss som jag försökte kappsegla mot. Gick ganska bra men jag hann inte i fatt den. Strortrissen hade nya fina seglen och betydligt större fock jag antar att detta gjorde att jag inte hann ikapp. Nu är det inte många båtar kvar i vattnet på klubben nästan bara min. Jag tänker nog försöka komma ut minst en gång till i år.

A lovely sunny autumn day at Trälhavet. Today I was almost alone on the see. Met, however, a Stortriss that I was trying to sail against. Went pretty good but I did not catch her up. Strortrissen had fine new sails and much larger jib I guess that made ​​me not caught her up. Now it's not soo many boats in the water at the club almost only mine. I will probably try to get out at least once more this year.
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söndag 16 oktober 2011

höstseglats: Fall sailing

15:e oktober

Seglade till "stora skratten" och rekade lite angörningsplatser. Träffade Cinderella på vägen hem.

Sailed to the "stora skratten" and checked some landing places. Met Cinderella on the way home.
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Roderlås: Rudderlocker

8 oktober
Så här ser mitt roderlås ut. En gummirem på ena sidan och en lina på andra som går genom ett block på styrbordssidan. Med linan kan jag justera rodret genom att fästa den i en clamcat som sitter på rorkulten. Linan kan jag också styra med om jag sitter i kabinen.
Roderlåset fungerar utmärkt vis motordrift, vid segling fungerar det en kortare tid beroende på vind och vatten.

This is my rudderlocker. A rubber strap on one side and a rope on the otherpassing through a block on the starboard side. With the rope, I can adjust the rudder by attaching it to a clamcat located on the tiller. With the rope I can also control the rudder when I sit in the cabin.
The rudderlock works excellent when using the engine, when sailing it works for a shorter time depending on wind and water.
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Testat mina andra segel: Testing my other sails

8 oktober
Provade att segla med mina andra segel.I och med att jag monterad främre undervant så blev det lite krångligt att använda den något större focken. Det var lite svårt att få den runt vanten vid kryss.
Tried to sail with my other sails. Because I mounted the front lower shrouds it was a bit hard to use the larger jib. It was difficult to get it around the shrouds at the cross.

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söndag 25 september 2011

Late september sailing

My wife took some photos of me and my sailboat. I was soo curious how the boat would look like from another view than the cookpit. Now I know. My yellow sails and the oxford blue seems to look pretty good together. I have at least a boat with strong colors. I love her. (my wife and my boat).
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onsdag 17 augusti 2011

Home Harbour

Here she is. In her home Harbour, only 12 minutes from my home with bicycle. Couldn't be much better.

A close up photo of my newly mounted forward shrouds. I needed to mount them otherwise the mast got a negative curve. The middle of the mast was behind the top and the bottom of the mast. With theese shrouds I can trim the mast too have a nice and correct curve. If the boat sails better? I can't say, I don't have that experience but I feel more comfortable.
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torsdag 4 augusti 2011

First anchoring

First time with anchoring in Stockholm archipilago one hour from my home harbor. I was very nervous but all went well.
Thank's for a boat with only 55 cm deep-going.
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onsdag 27 juli 2011

Hoist the sails from cookpit

Two new blocks beside the mast make it easy too handle the mainsail and the jib from cookpit. Now I can sail the boat myself without leaving the cookpit.
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lördag 16 juli 2011

At last boat in the water

Not so easy that I thought. Had too loose the trailer from the car and let it out in the water to get the boat floating by it self.
The whole family plus my father and mother helped me to get the boat in the water, finally in late juli 2011.
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fredag 15 juli 2011

The mast

Make it easy and save time! I use tie-strap.

A new lanterna mounted on the mast.

New lines for mainsail and jib. A small line to hold the boom.
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torsdag 14 juli 2011

A picture of my rudder

A picture of my rudder for your eyes Jacques. I think and belive that this rudder is original.
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My apologies to those who asked me questions on the blog.
I've now answered the questions "Better late than never" :-)

måndag 11 juli 2011


The (almost) finally result of the refurbishment of the Alacrity 19 cabin.
The below picture is at one of the two new pulpits in the stern. One to mount the stern lanterna on and one to hold the life preserver. Can also be used to arrange a form of rudder lock.

måndag 4 juli 2011

Rudder problem

When I mounted the rudder, I discovered that it was skewed. Now I placed the rudder ina water barrel with the hope that it will straighten itself out.
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tisdag 14 juni 2011

New interior

Working with a new interior instead of launch the boat. Hopfully I get the boat in the water before autumn. But then it will be a very much nicier little boat.

torsdag 26 maj 2011

Almost ready for the see.

One of the keel have same small and queer damages. I don't know from what or when they occured. I Didn't notices them when I left the boat for winter. Now I try too fix them with fiberglass filler and then I hope the underwater paint will cover them.


A new rubrail list in the stern. I used may original rubrail from the stern to repair the rubrail list on the other sides of the boat. I replaced the original rubrail with two teak lists, one over the another. I found the result very pleasant.

A close up photo of a repaired pice of the rubrail. Not perfect but good enough for me.

Rudder attachment

I have filled the worn out rudder attacment with plastic padding metallic. Seems to work out fine but I have to test it under real sailing and stress before I can confirm that it's working allright.

fredag 4 februari 2011

I'm so happy...

..because I've got a place for my boat. It's hard to find a place, a summer place, a place in the water, a bridgeplace ( I don't know the rigth word for this) for your boat in the Stockholms region in Sweden. Normally you must wait at least a couple of years. But thank's to my little boat size and deep-going I was lucky too get a place for the season 2011. This means for me that my sailing this year will be much easier than if I was forced to trail the boat the whole season. Now I
will be able to sail away very easy, even alone without help from anybody. I'm so happy and I'm feeling very lucky. Keep on sailing! :-)